Asian Glow Boston, Show #2, November 2018 performers (front row) with the audience at The Lilypad (Cambridge)
August 2019 | Freelance Graphic Designer - Branding
Rabbi Heather Miller

March 2019 | Communications & Development Assistant
Apex for Youth, New York City

November 2018 | Graphic Designer & Performer →
Asian Glow, Boston

September 2018 | Layout Designer & Presenter Boston Report on Asian Pacific Americans, Wellesley College

June 2018 | Senior Honors ThesisWellesley College, Wellesley, Massachussetts

August 2016 | Research & Graphics Intern
Observer Research Foundation, Mumbai

August 2017 | Media Intern Museum of Chinese in America, New York City

Senior Thesis Installation viewing during senior week, June 2018, Jewett Arts Gallery, Wellesley College.
My journey as a creative has grown to be both an inward pursuit of authenticity as well as an outward inquiry of impact. Using my foundational skills in visual art and musical composition, I’ve explored a variety of forms of media production alongside different approaches to understanding how people absorb and interact with media.

multi-media artist
video editing, installation design

graphic designer/illustrator
posters, book covers, social media assets, album covers, logos, package design, branding

piano composition, piano+instrument composition, MIDI composition

participant observer | documentation enthusiast | storyteller | ethnic studies advocate