It’s hard to put myself into conventional boxes. The way I see it, my journey as an artist began perhaps before I was even born, with the desires of my parents to provide their child with opportunities to explore the arts. A mixture of nature and nurture allowed me to cultivate an aptitude for art and music within 4 years of being born, and my journey since then has continued to be that; an interaction between my self and my environment, which I now call “being an artist.”

Each of my works has been the result of different opportunities I’ve come across in my journey--opportunities to learn and gain new skills, as well as opportunities to create and express in a certain context. Beyond formal education in classes and lessons, my learning included everything I encountered as I moved across various environments throughout my life--the culture of peers, family, and media that I was exposed to, the places I’ve traveled, the jobs I’ve worked, everything. My approach to any project along the way has been to evaluate what I want to accomplish and draw from my experiences to create something. Rather than identifying with the style or form of the works I create, I try to assert that my works just are artifacts of my journey, and their variability reflects the breadth of my experiences.

Senior Thesis Installation viewing during senior week, June 2018, Jewett Arts Gallery, Wellesley College.
Asian Glow Boston, Show #2, November 2018 performers (front row) with the audience at The Lilypad.