For Wellesley Association for South Asian Cultures

2018 | “Katha: Our Stories”
Symbols of different forms of storytelling are dangled around a logo, embellished with florals inspired by Mughal miniatures.

“Junoon” (Passion)

This logo features the word, Junoon, in a variety of South Asian languages: Bengali, Tibetan, Arabic, Malayalam, Nepali, and Urdu. The border is inspired by South Asian mehndi designs.

2017 | “Humans of South Asia”
The organizers of the show wanted the logo to capture the plurality within South Asian stories and identities. Clockwise in the full logo (right) starting at the top left: A trans woman, a Sikh man, a same-sex wedding couple, a South Indian man in a lungi, a Sri Lankan teacher with students, a Nepali woman with a child, and a Hijabi woman.